Toy On His Shelf -by- Lotidings

How we laugh and play.
You’re in my prayers as I pray.

I close my eyes to make my day,
to imagine you and me engaged in perky foreplay.

We share one pillow on my bed where we lay.

I become content in comfort through my own dreams display,

of the magic between us that nothing outweighs.

I’ve come to dislike the words, “It’s time to hit the hay”
My desires and cravings for you never go away.

When I finally awake, there are the memories we made yesterday.

How soon can we plan a get-a-way?
We can sensually hibernate till the season starts for the NBA.

Would you like to spend this time together in Monterey?

“She’s just a toy on his shelf”, some would say.
Ah, but they should be so lucky as to be hit by

such a sexy gamma ray.

Oh, Hey! by-the-way,
do come take me off this shelf.
Uh-huh, do what you will. Have me your way.

Just a House -by- Lotidings

I look around my house, everything has its place.
I’m what doesn’t belong here, in all this empty space.

I touch the precious artwork on my fridge, created with tiny loving hands.

“It’s just a house”, I tell myself, that I can no longer withstand.

I start to remember the laughter, the hugs, the jokes,

and well the tragedy, the pain in me it invokes.

Stolen from me forever what so many others wish for
but can not buy in their life.

My question of “Where were you, Lord?” is now a daily strife.

The loss of innocence, that happened on My watch, underneath My roof.

How the note of a bitsy angel was enough proof.

Maybe I’ll get the anger out of me while I write this poem.
It’s just a house. I can’t go back. I can’t go home.

Ice Cold Summer Nights -by- Lotidings

Why is it as I sit here, running my index finger around my coffee cup rim,
all I do is think of him?

Because I’ll never forget that hot summer night

when our two bodies soared into flight.

From his bedroom floor to his shower wall,
our bodies on fire, so high the flames,

his neighbors could hear our ecstasy squalls.

The passion we shared.
How I crossed my line and took the dare.

Now at his photo, I stare.

A single mention of his name
sends my body in motion and ablaze,

I’ve been hit so hard, like a stun gun tase.

I only want more, my desire for him infinite.
Even when he pulls one of my pigtails, just out of spite.
My soul left in a chill is now my plight.
Until he holds me again and heats up these
ice cold Summer nights.

1000 Lifetimes -by- Lotidings

In the precious moments with him, I get to give
1000 lifetimes, that all at once want to live.

It’s him, my body craves and my mind aches,
don’t know exactly what it’s gonna take.
I’m determined to hold him for goodness sake.
If only just once no matter the stake,

even at the cost of my own heart should it break.

For at least just once he’ll know my love from 1000 lifetimes,

after which this girl will write no more rhymes.

I love him. I have told him so,
but I’m in love with him, doubt he knows.
See, I cherish our friendship that I can not blow.

I’ll not force anything, “I want this thing to grow.”

I’ll have him, no one else,
or simply stay all by myself.

The Road -by- Lotidings

He’s up early, coffee in hand
He’ll start his journey across the land.
This time, he’ll deliver and unload.
My mind will stay wonder’n, while he’s on the road.

Maybe if I’m lucky, he just might check in,
to tell me he’s safe, and when he’ll be on the road again.
This gives me a little mind peace.

He stays in my prayers, which are a little relief.

Although in body he may be alone.
I’ll be right there in spirit, once he picks up that phone.
Maybe we’ll have a nice long chat,
or exchange a few teases of this and that,
or play a game of twenty-one.

Don’t think he realizes just what he’s won.

He’ll tell me he’s a philosophical loner.

So I’ll make a joke and say, “Hey, I like that, as sometimes I’m a stoner.”

He makes me smile, laugh and worry.
He’ll say, “I’ve got patience girl, no need to rush or hurry.”
We’ll reap just what is sewed,

of course, after I check in with Mood Mode.

Maybe one day, his workload will bring him to a Texas road,

where I might be waiting for our first episode.

So Illuminated Prince of Knights, do stay sound and safe.

See I know you can’t be replaced.

(Thank you!  William for the inspiration)

The Angel Weeps -by- “Harvard” (pt 2 The King)

Of all the things he might ever cause,
none could hurt or give more pause,
than to force an angel’s tears.

it would haunt him all his years.

Even now his heart does ache,
knowing his Angel’s heart did break.
An angels love resides so deep.

tis no wonder that she should weep.

Forgive the one who you call King
and allow this apology again to bring
back the smile and your heart to sing.

Like his when he hears the pm ring.

In his heart there resides deeply yet,
a wonder and awe, he won’t ever forget.
You see he thinks often, awake, dizzy or in his sleep

of the lyrical angel, he has caused to weep.

She’s right of course… he has other friends
but for unthinking departures, he must make amends.
Those other friends are human just like him.
They have not caused his head to swim.

The others like to catch up and laugh.
When the room is full there is quite a staff.
But she is different…. and the silence we share is even fonder

than all the chat from those over yonder.

She should know…. I should have told
hers are the wings I wish to hold
and if I said it not enough

I’ll try to watch the other stuff.

One less laugh to friends in the room
will not turn their lives to doom.
But one more tear is a price too steep
I’ll do my best to not let my Angel weep.

The Madness -by- “Harvard” (pt 2)

I’ll never want to go….

I want this thing to grow….

You put your thoughts to paper or keystrokes and share what you feel.

You are transparent on purpose to prove to me you’re real.

But I see perfection in all you say and do.

I’ve never met a person who is anything like you.

You understand, people you help your fellow man.

You shine as much light on others as you possibly can.

You are in every aspect, absolutely stunning

no wonder Yale through my dreams too, you are always running.

I know one day you will awaken and find I’m only me

I hope that day is distant …as far as far can be.

But I like the lofty pedestal that you have placed me on

so as for me don’t worry…. I’ll not soon be gone.

When a man gets a view of an angel in his dreams

whatever she does is perfect…at least to him it seems.

Yes, I am certain Yale that you indeed have wings.

Thanks for flight and so many other dizzifying things.

You have a way about you…I’m not sure you even know
of making me feel wanted….  I’ll never want to go.