Your Man, My Man -by- Lotidings

I was sitting at a local coffee shop and although it was not my intention.
You and your friends were speaking so loud I listened to your conversation.

“My man works late and doesn’t make enough money.”
“My man wants to touch me all the time.”
“My man doesn’t understand I need some time away from him.”
“My man doesn’t know I lie about having headaches.”
“My man has a few friends I can’t stand.”
“My man doesn’t dress the way I want him to.”
“My man doesn’t get I like my friends along when he wants to go places with me.”
“My man, maybe I need a new man.”

A few minutes later three gorgeous men walked over to your table.
All three of you ladies rolled your eyes.
The men seemed rather playful.
All three men gave the persona, that they were sexually ready, capable and able.

Your man works hard and late to provide for you.
Your man wants to touch you because he has a desire for you.
Your man knows your headaches are lies, but does his best to satisfy you anyway.
Your man makes choices in friends as a piece of who he is.
Your man dresses like a man because that’s what he is a man.
Your man wants to go places with you because he enjoys your company.
Your man, the one you think you need time away from; go ahead because…

I’ll tell him how much I appreciate him.
I’ll show him my desire for his touch.
I’ll never get a headache.
I’ll put him first before any friend.
I’ll welcome his friends and their comradery.
I’ll remind him how sexy he looks in his clothes.
I’ll go places with him and enjoy every moment.
I’ll whisper sensually to him, how I can’t get enough of his lovemaking.

One day soon you’ll be crying,
because you’ll find out he’s been lying.
While you were looking for a new man, you see
Your man became MY man. He’s Mr. Perfect to me.

Fall In Love With Me -by- Lotidings

Can you feel soft grazes on your cheeks? It’s me, blowin kisses due North.
Can you feel whispers and look around to see who’s there? It’s me, calling your name.
Can you feel the tugs on your heart? It’s me, my heart is no longer free.
Fall in love with me.

See me.
Touch me.
Smell me.
Hold me.
Kiss me.
Fall in love with me.

Close your eyes and imagine all the adventures you can share with me.
I’ll never be too busy, too tired or get a headache with you.
I could never hurt you, but I can not chase you.
My soul knew who you were the very moment you said “Hi”.
Fall in love with me.

Walk with me.
Talk with me.
Pray with me.
Laugh with me.
Cry with me.
Get lost with me.
Share life with me.
There’s so much love to make with me.
Fall in love with me.

Let Go -by- Lotidings

Sitting on my favorite beach, in the comfort of the soft sand, allowing myself the feeling of a Pacific Ocean breeze to blow my hair, I’m listening to the crashes of the waves as they break against the shore.

I give the crashes the cries of the pain in my heart, and right there, in the solitude of the little bits of grief being let go, I find the beauty of the peace brought to my soul.

(Thank you! for the inspiration Kevin Paez and Jordan Alexander for Frozen Dawn)

Again and Again -by- Lotidings

Glacier Smooth -by- “Harvard & Yale” (pt2)

“No! Yale that is not exactly the story, I remember it well. I will admit tho, it’s quite a tale you tell.

“Return your halo. Get your money back. You attacked me like a little devil, you did it with such tact. Where do you take your lessons, do you read them in a book? I just wanted to taste the bait you dangle on your hook.

“Anyway…The story is all Kosher up to the dressing room. Here’s where the real truth comes out, I can’t let it loom.

“The garments were lace and flimsy, while the room and her thoughts buzzed with whimsy. The texture panels were close within our stall. A full-length mirror was hanging on each and every wall.

“She was tossing her clothes at me. YEAH! she continued to undress. She felt like my private dancer. Go ahead girl confess. She turned her back and said,”

“Harvard, unhook me, please.”  “Trying slightly to cover up but more trying to tease.

“I quickly had it open exposing her back to me. OH and the front as well. The mirrors let me see. She didn’t care, she asked me to be there. Her tingle I could feel, from the top of her head it traveled southward to her heel.

“I just stood there gazing, her clothing now on the floor, then with my arms, I pinned her to the door.”

“Harvard! She squealed be quiet or we’ll end up in jail.”

“I think it will be worth it.” I said and called her, “Yale”

“I told you, you could name the girls”, looking up she said, “Nows the time to tell me what do you think of these?”

“FANTASTIC”, I said looking down, “I’m in a fitting room with Thelma and Louise.”


I Want Him -by- Lotidings

Glacier Smooth -by- “Harvard & Yale” (pt1)

We hang around with the same group of folks. The overlooked, the lonely, the drama queens, and few a jokes.

He is charming, compassionate, always ready to lend an ear. He has so many ladies chasing him because he’s so debonair.

I am independent. I like to hold my own. On the outside, at times I can appear quite sly, which is the reason I fear he chooses to pass me by.

Since he is so well trusted, I popped up with a quip. I asked him, “I have to do a little shopping, Would you like to take a trip?, I’d like to buy a few more intimate things. I could sure use a little help.”

He replied, “Sure girl, I’ll drive. You won’t hear me yelp.”

We started our shopping exertion driving through rustic, scenery. I said, “Let’s stop at the lingerie store first, they have some items on sale I’d like to see.”

I chose a dressing room in the very rear. I peeked my head out the door and asked him, “Can you please help me with these hooks, they’re in the back and I can’t look?”

He came in the dressing room allowing the door to shut. He didn’t want the door to slam so he used his butt. He had done what I had requested. He whispered to me, “I have to tell you girl the truth, your pale blue bra from your back reminds me of ice of a glacier, very, very smooth. If you turn around now and look up and through me, I’m going to embrace you. What a shopping spree. Also, you may not know but one night my head did a double take. You were dance’n around and I like the way your booty can shake.”

Realizing, just what I had done, I turned around as if I had been spun. No matter how hard it was to try, at the thought of his embrace, I let out an audible sigh.

He sat down on the chair and pulled me to him. I straddled his lap hoping to look through him. He placed his hands in my back pockets drawing me closer. My bra straps fell off my shoulders. I now know what it feels like to be hit by a bulldozer.

He said, “When you put your head back, your eyes twinkle like the stars.” Like he was taking a picture. To me, the moments were beautiful, as if they were written in Scripture. Nothing moved. Nothing mattered. It was our breathing and our two hearts beating I heard. My general reservedness became scattered.

I allowed my eyes to fall into his eyes of sparkling brown. Knowing if anyone hears of this we’ll be the talk of the town. He said, “What do you think, is it chemistry or magic?”

I replied, “I only know right now I feel fantastic”. I looked deeply, I wanted to see his soul; forgetting that he was gazing back at me. I thought, “Oh heavens, Now He Knows!” I shook my head back to reality. I said, “You know what I’m going to buy them all.” I hooked my bra back together without a stall. I found myself stuttering. I know I can’t drop the ball.

He said, “Girl, quit being so nervous around me. If I can help you out again, just call.”